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Over 10 Years Of Experience Serving Sacramento Metro

At Suburban Pest Control Service, we are much more than just one service tech; we are a family of dedicated service professionals that share a passion for quality and customer satisfaction. All of our team members have trained long and hard so that we, as a company, can be your best option for pest control services. If you are having trouble with pests in or around your home, we are the solution. No matter what pest threats you're up against, we have your back here at Suburban Pest Control.

Why Choose Suburban Pest Control?

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A happy customer is a loyal customer. At Suburban Pest Control Service, our only goal is to retain our customers by providing them with superior pest control services that outperform our competition. You support us, and we will give back by ensuring your property remains pest-free. For us, it is just that simple. As long as our customers are happy, we are satisfied with a job well done. All you have to do to become a part of our family is to give us a call today. We offer:

  • Reasonable Rates

  • Guaranteed Service

  • Unmatched Quality

When looking for a superior product at an affordable price, pest control does not need to break your wallet. If you want to stay inside your budget while keeping away troublesome pests, we have options for you. We also guarantee our services, ensuring that if pests get past our treatments between scheduled visits, we will come back and re-treat at no additional cost. If you are our customer, you are part of our family, and we will work hard to make sure you stay protected.

Peace Of Mind For You & Your California Property

Above all else, we offer our customers peace of mind here at Suburban Pest Control Service. When you come home after a long day, or enter your commercial facility ready to go to work, we want you to know that there won't be pests there to greet you. We want you to know that Suburban Pest Control is there for you. Reach out to us for a free inspection!


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