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A Better Understanding Of Black Widow Spiders In Elk Grove

May 30, 2022 - Spiders

While not everyone has a fear of spiders, seeing a black widow can scare even the strongest of individuals. And for a good reason; black widow spiders are the most venomous spiders in North America. While their bites are rarely fatal to humans, the venom from a female black widow spider is reportedly 15 times stronger than the venom from a rattlesnake. However, black widows deliver exceedingly less venom than snakes, so even though their bites are painful, only children and the elderly are at serious risk. Male black widows are not venomous. Recognizing types of spiders and if they are male or female is crucial when discerning if the spiders you see around your home are dangerous or not. Pest control in Elk Grove can assist you in identifying all types of spiders.

Black Widow Spider Appearance

Male and female black widow spiders are not identical. Females have bodies between a half and an inch and a half long, with their legs fully extended. Female black widows are distinctive-looking spiders with their shiny black bodies and red or orange-yellow hourglass markings on the underside of their abdomens. The males are about half the size and brown or gray with red dots on the abdomen and sometimes a yellow or red band across their back.

When male and female spiderlings hatch, they are white or a yellow-white color, becoming darker as they grow. They might also have yellow or red dots on their backs and are harmless to humans.

Where Black Widow Spiders Prefer To Live

Black widows are one of the many species of common California spiders. Even though they are timid and reclusive, they often make their homes near where people live. Their webs typically are found in dark corners, about a foot apart, located about a foot off the ground.

What Black Widow Spiders Eat

Rumor has it that female black widow spiders eat the males after mating, but that is not typically true. However, spiderling newborns eat their new siblings as they hatch and emerge from their eggs. Cannibalism aside, like most spiders, black widows eat insects that get caught in their webs. Once their prey is tangled and officially stuck in a black widow’s web, the spider will bite the insect to paralyze it. Once their meal has stopped moving, the spider releases digestive enzymes into the insect’s body and then takes it away to eat it.

How To Get Rid Of Black Widow Spiders

These are nocturnal spiders, so daytime is the best time to locate their webs. Once darkness falls, you can go back to the webs to kill the spiders and vacuum and dust the area thoroughly. Besides clearing the webs and killing the adult black widow spiders, you also need to eliminate the egg sacs. They are whitish-gray, and tiny cylindrical sacs are attached to the spiderwebs. Do not crush these egg sacs. They contain tons of baby spiders that run away before you can kill them all, thus continuing the infestation and possibly worsening it.

Since black widows can bite, more so when they feel threatened, the best way to get rid of spiders is by calling Suburban Pest Control. Offering residential and commercial pest control in Elk Grove, call us today to set up your free inspection and leave dealing with venomous pests to the experts.