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The Proper Way To Remove Bees From Your Elk Grove Property

May 20, 2022 - Bees

Elk Grove pest control plans wouldn't be complete without bee and wasp removal. Stinging insects pose a wide range of dangers, with an attack from these pests causing considerable pain and risk of hospitalization. Unfortunately, natural home pest control methods that work for other pests may fail to keep bees and wasps away. The good news is you don't have to roll over and surrender your property to these stinging pests; there's plenty you can do to get and keep bees off your property.

What Are Bees?

Bees are social insects and rarely act alone. In terms of appearance, bees have black and yellow stripes, like those found on yellow jackets and paper wasps, but are fat and puffy. Although bees are often associated with honey, the truth is only about five percent of bee species produce any honey worth harvesting.

Bees in our area are usually less aggressive than yellow jackets and paper wasps unless they are Africanized honey bees. So, you need to know how to control bees in Elk Grove, as a hive of bees, regardless of species, will attack if disturbed. 

How Bees Benefit The Ecosystem

Bees are one of nature's most prolific pollinators. That's their primary role in all the ecosystems they inhabit. When a bee lands on a flower to collect nectar, the fuzz on its legs and body picks up pollen from that flower. The bee then carries that pollen to the next flower, thus ensuring pollination. This cycle is vital for growing many of the foods people enjoy eating, and bees are at its core.

Many people are reluctant to use chemical pest control products on bees for fear of hurting the delicate cycle of pollination. Not only can reducing the bee population around your home reduce the yield of your veggie garden and leave your landscaping looking ragged, but too much pesticide use can put local bee populations in danger of collapse. That's one of the many reasons why it's better to trust pest control professionals with your bee removal needs.

Why You Shouldn't Remove Bees On Your Own

In addition to potentially harming the local ecosystem through the use of chemical pesticides on bees, you're also putting yourself in danger of nasty stings when you try to deal with bees on your own. Bees are comparatively less aggressive than their wasp and hornet counterparts, but that doesn't mean they won't defend their homes. If you try to destroy a beehive, the bees inside will swarm out and sting whatever threat they perceive.

Most of the time, bee stings are simply painful and unpleasant. However, if you're allergic to bee venom, even a single sting could put you at mortal risk. And, although unlikely, it is possible to be stung by bees so many times you end up with a dangerous dose of venom. You should always rely on professionals, like the trained and licensed technicians at Suburban Pest Control. We know how to control bees in Elk Grove without putting pets or people in danger of stings.

How Professional Bee Control Works

If you want the best in Elk Grove pest control, the experts at Suburban Pest Control are just a click or call away. We're the leader in natural home pest control here in Elk Grove, and we always strive to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible in all our residential and commercial pest control efforts, bee or otherwise. That makes us a better option for you, the bees, and the planet. So give us a call or visit our contact page to get started!