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Elk Grove, CA Pest Control

Pest Control In Elk Grove, CA

What should your Sacramento County pest control plan have for services? The pest experts at Suburban Pest Control Service recommend a program that emphasizes eco-friendly pest control solutions. While natural solutions require more frequent treatments and extra work from your pest technician, eco-friendly pest control gives you peace of mind. Join us as we look at a few more factors to consider when selecting a pest control service plan in Elk Grove and Sacramento County.

Residential Pest Control In Elk Grove

Your pest control plan should be effective, but how can you know that you've selected a company that provides effective pest control? You can look at reviews online, but even this isn't reliable. Here are a few boxes you should be able to check off.

  • Select a company that uses IPM. Integrated Pest Management is the gold standard for pest control. It is also widely accepted by government agencies and auditing firms. 
  • Select a company that has been in business for a while and has proven itself.
  • Select a company that provides guaranteed service so you don't have to trust their word that they will do the job right.
  • Select a company that offers long-lasting fixes. Pest control products wear out in a few months, but sealing entry points provides protection that can last for years.

At Suburban Pest Control Service, we offer all these benefits. If you need residential pest control in Elk Grove, let our hardworking, highly trained technicians provide your home with pest control service you can trust.   

Commercial Pest Control In Elk Grove

Integrated Pest Management, experience, guaranteed service, and long-lasting fixes are essential when selecting a commercial pest control provider. Many commercial environments have zero tolerance for pests, particularly medical practices, food processing businesses, restaurants, and schools, but all businesses can benefit from this level of pest control service.

If you're in Elk Grove, connect with Suburban Pest Control Service. We'll guide you toward the right commercial pest control service plan to meet your specific needs and budget.

Are Ants Dangerous To My Elk Grove Home?

One of the ways we help residential and commercial customers is by providing important facts regarding the risks pests present to health and property. Since ants are the most common pest problem we get called to address, let's take a moment to discuss the risks they present.

  • Most ant species are only a minor health risk in that they can spread harmful bacteria and cause stomach illness.
  • Pharaoh ants are a step above other ants and are considered a disease threat.
  • Fire ants are stinging pests that can be a severe threat to individuals with an allergy to stinging insect venom.
  • Carpenter ants are potentially destructive pests as they create galleries in wood. While these ants prefer to nest in rotting wood, they can also infest structural wood studs and trusses.

If you're dealing with an ant control issue in Elk Grove, keep in mind that we can help you identify which kind of ants you are dealing with and guide you toward an effective solution. Drop us a line on our contact page and tell us about your ant problem.

Simple & Effective Spider Control Tips For Elk Grove Property Owners

Spiders are creepy pests. If you'd like to make spider sightings a thing of the past, we understand. Here are our best suggestions for keeping spiders out of your Elk Grove home or business.

  • Remove spider webs. Some spiders create egg sacs in their webs. An egg sac can have hundreds of eggs. When you remove spider webs as soon as you see them, not only does it deter spiders from creating webs, but it also has the potential to reduce spider populations.
  • Seal entry points. Spiders use gaps, cracks, and holes to get inside the structures on your property. A caulking gun, expanding foam, and concrete patches create a physical barrier to keep spiders out. We also recommend replacing weatherstripping, door sweeps, and screens where needed.
  • Reduce insects. Spiders go where their food is. When you reduce insect populations around structures, you make them less suitable as spider habitats. Manage your trash, replace exterior white lights with yellow lights, store raked nuts away from your exterior, move bird feeders away from your exterior, remove leaves, store dead branches in a plastic bin, and stay on top of pet waste clean-up. 
  • Reduce moisture. Many spiders are attracted to damp conditions. Moisture helps spiders to stay hydrated and cool. Spiders also need water for survival. Clean and maintain working gutters. Trim your landscape vegetation. Fix leaking faucets and address other indoor plumbing issues.

If you'd like assistance with insect and spider control, we can help. Our residential and commercial pest control service plans provide the highest level of pest management. Connect with us today and speak with one of our agents. We're here to help.