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In the warm, temperate climate of California, fleas are a major problem. These tiny invaders can make life a nightmare for both humans and their pets. For trustworthy flea control in Elk Grove, do not hesitate to reach out to our specialists. Our team at Suburban Pest Control is prepared to offer effective, prompt treatments. 

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What Are the Signs of Fleas?

Fleas are extremely small, which makes their infestations some of the hardest to identify. Other than painful, itchy bites, how are homeowners supposed to tell that they are being invaded? There are several key signs to look out for that signal fleas have trespassed onto a property. 

Some of the most common indicators of a flea invasion include:

  • Visible reddish-brown insects, usually around two millimeters long, crawling on the fur of pet cats and dogs
  • Flea “dirt” or feces on pet fur, which typically resembles ground pepper or black dirt
  • Flea dirt embedded in rugs, beds, carpets, clothing, and pillows
  • Itchy bumps on human legs and arms, or around the neck and head of any pets
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How to Spot Flea Eggs

During the winter, homeowners may be tricked into thinking they have gotten rid of fleas since the adults go into hiding. However, if there are no signs of mature fleas, there are often countless eggs scattered around the house. A female flea drops around six to eight eggs after each meal, usually up to 50 eggs a day. In her lifetime, an adult flea will often lay about 2,000 eggs. 

What makes a flea infestation so challenging to remove is not just that every flea can lay numerous eggs. These batches of eggs are dropped randomly and are easily spread. They can become embedded in clothing, carpets, blankets, rugs, and even cracks in the floors. Since they are barely half a millimeter long, and pale in color, this makes them even more difficult to spot. Flea pupae can even stay dormant for a long time until the right conditions hit. The larvae are not much bigger than the fleas and often get engrained into wood and other rough surfaces. Eliminating flea eggs is nearly impossible to achieve without consulting with a professional technician.

When to Invest in Flea Control

The best time to seek out pest control services is at the very first sign of fleas. The longer it takes to schedule pest control, the more likely there will be a larger population of fleas and their eggs. Summer is of course fleas’ favorite time to come out since they enjoy warm climates. However, they can withstand winters as well if there is some form of heating available. Particularly in California, where winters are not that cold anyways, flea infestations can last all year long. Avoid this unpleasant problem by speaking to our team at Suburban Pest Control.

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