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Homeowners dread the idea that they might be facing an infestation of rats and mice. Not only are these creatures a nuisance, but they are also capable of spreading a lot of diseases. The good news is that any rodent problem can go away quickly with a call to our team. Here at Suburban Pest Control, we can settle rodent issues with our dependable solutions. Just get in touch for trustworthy rodent control in Elk Grove.

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How to Spot a Rodent Invasion

The first step to stopping a rat or mouse infestation is identifying that an invasion exists in the first place. The problem is that these rodents are primarily nocturnal, so residents may not even see them most of the day. Looking for subtle indicators can alert homeowners when to call an exterminator.

A few of the most common signals that a home is suffering from a rodent invasion include:

  • Small brown droppings: Mice and rats can drop anywhere between 50 to 80 feces each night. These droppings are quite small and are often left inside cabinets, along the wall, or even in food packaging.
  • Dirty, greasy marks: Are there dark stains and smears left near doors, floors, and holes in the wall? These are often left by rodents as they brush around the corners.
  • Sounds of scratching and pattering: These noises usually occur during the night, which is when rodents are most likely to be out and about. The sounds may come from the floor, but may also appear from the ceilings, walls, or basements.
  • Messy nests: Rats and mice like to shred all kinds of materials to make their nests. Is there stuffing missing from the upholstery, or are bits of cardboard and paper strewn about? These are key signs that rats are not only on the property but are building a home for more babies.

Rodent Exclusions

The only way to prevent new rodents from returning is by thorough exclusion. Exclusion works by getting rid of all the entrances and exits rodents are using to travel in and out of the house. Our knowledgeable technicians will check for signs indicating where mice and rats have been getting in. For example, decks and porches offer cool places to take shelter and hide from the extreme heat. They often have cracks and holes which lead deep into the foundation, as well as the walls and floors. 

Garages and sheds are also prime spots for rats and mice to enter without anyone seeing them. If there are gnaw marks or holes near the bottoms of doors and molding, these should be repaired and sealed. Let our specialists at Suburban Pest Control check for signs of rats and mice and start chasing them out now.

For reliable Elk Grove rodent control, get in touch with us at (916) 527-9499.

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