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The condition of “arachnophobia,” of fear of spiders, is extremely common. This is partly justified, since some kinds of spiders, like the black widow, are very harmful to humans. Others are not dangerous but definitely cause a nuisance. Spiders belong outdoors, catching bugs and controlling the insect population. If these creatures are overrunning a house, it is time to reach out to Suburban Pest Control. We provide spider control in Elk Grove for any home. 

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What Kind of Spider Is Infesting My Home?

Many people try to avoid looking too closely when they see a spider, but it is important to identify what type is invading a house. Spiders may all have eight legs, but they can vary quite a lot in appearance, size, and habit. Some may create orb webs, while others prefer burrows. Still others live in cracks and crevices and do not make webs at all. Depending on the kind of spider, experts may need to use different tactics for management. From cellar spiders to wolf spiders to orb weavers, we can distinguish between the many species in the area. Our knowledgeable pros can identify the spiders in your home and the right strategy of elimination. 

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How to Determine the Presence of a Spider Infestation

Spotting a single spider here or there is usually not a cause for alarm. However, seeing multiple spiders should alert homeowners that they may have a situation on their hands. Of course, just observing spiders themselves is not the only indication that an invasion is underway. Look out for other critical signs that professional intervention is necessary.

Get in touch with one of our experts whenever you notice:

  • Messy spider webs in the corners of ceilings, between furniture crevices, or along décor
  • Wrapped-up bugs and insects that the spider is preying on
  • Egg sacs that look like small white balls or oblong pills, which contain hundreds of babies 
  • Large, red bites that swell rapidly and feel hot and painful to the touch

Speak to Professionals About Getting Rid of Spiders

Even after it seems like spiders are eradicated, they often come back in full force. This is why mere treatment in the form of sprays and powders is not enough to get rid of them. When clients seek professional spider eradication, they should look for a company that can help with exclusion. This involves sealing off the places where spiders enter. Our dedicated technicians can carefully check the walls, basements, sheds, ceilings, attics, and crawlspaces. We can locate the dark, moist spots that attract spiders and prevent them from coming back. Just sit back and enjoy the peace of mind of a spider-free home with Suburban Pest Control!

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